Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coming Up For Air....

This summer has been ca-RA-zee! I can't seem to get my act together no matter how hard I try.  I haven't even had a chance to do a Haven recap, write about having to reschedule my surgery or how we are about to sell our two houses. The kiddos are running me in circles and I am in a constant state of....'what the, what the..???!' I said ca-RA-zee!!!

I have been able to do a tiny bit of painting. The back holds up for short spurts and I try and take advantage of those times as much as possible. I was in desperate need of something to put my tv on in my office/craft room. It needed to have a bunch of storage and HAD to be paris grey. Not to long ago I found a great, ugly, 70's dresser with a bunch of swirls on the front. I painted that one graphite with old white detail and it sold in a day. While combing craigslist I was excited to see a similar piece listed. Unfortunately my before picture was pre-mac and pre-hard drive failure so I don't have photographic evidence of it's ugliness but I am sure you can imagine it in all its orange wood glory....(sorry, for the pics..see disclaimer.)


Pardon the shadow....I took a great photography class at Haven and adjusted my camera to Lord knows what settings!! I am probably the only person EVER that takes worse pictures after sitting through a photography session given by some seriously skilled photographers...

Some of the knobs weren't salvageable so I added some clear how it gives it even more of a girly touch

The original plan was to keep this in my office. Why do I bother? I sold something quickly in my booth and needed a piece to fill the hole. So this is where this beauty now sits.  While my TV and a bunch of other crap sits on the floor. Oh well, such is life in the furniture biz!

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