Thursday, February 16, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {Vintage Desk-Paris Grey}

I trekked out into a very scary neighborhood to get this desk. Shhh don't tell my hubby. I am usually overly cautious when heading out on my craigslist adventures. The owner was a super nice lady that I talked to on the phone for quite a few days before we made arrangements for me to come by. I was low on good furniture and really wanted this desk and a vintage dresser she had listed. Who cares that it was over an hour away.
Obviously not me. 
Oh my.
They were in the process of moving because the house next door was a meth house.
 Oh my.
 She didn't want her kids around that 'stuff'. At least she is being a good mom? Her pregnant daughters boyfriend helped us load it up. What a big and strong 15 year old.
Oh my.
 I am sure they were doing their best to get by. Doing their best to better their situation. I am glad I decided to buy both of the pieces because I can tell they really needed the money.
 Plus I was kinda' scared to say I didn't want it.
Okay, not really.
 Meth house or no meth house I needed furniture!

My vintage desk makeover
early 1930' least that is what she told me.


                                                             Pretty Rough

                                                      Paris Grey, Dark Walnut

I decided to keep the handles just how they were, in all their old and rusty perfection.

Lightly distressed

This piece is really in amazing condition considering how old it is. I loved the old rustiness of the handles so decided to just leave them as is. I imagine it in a study with hardwood floors and lots and lots of old books. These pictures really don't do it justice, I need to take some better ones with my brand new camera!! 

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {Burlap Hutch-Old White}

I have been so excited to start this hutch. I promised myself I would keep it for myself and although I don't have room for it in my current house I am taking it to the next best place, my booth!  I will be able to visit it whenever I want and when we get our 'forever' house it will be brought home to live with us. Sometimes I feel like I want to move into my booth anyway. It is decorated just how I want, immaculately clean, no dirty dishes and so, so peaceful. For now it will be used as a display for all of my mason soap dispenser that I sell. My husband doesn't understand how I can be attached to a piece of furniture. He thinks I should sell everything that I do, I have a tough time selling any of it.



I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White, lightly distressed and then some clear wax. The burlap was super easy to put on. I took the back of the hutch off..and when I say "I", I mean my hubby:) I then measured the burlap, ironed and then used my glue gun to attach it. From there all I had to do was get some small carpentar nails and hammer it back on.  Easy Breezy!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {Sweet Dresser-Paris Grey}

I can't help myself. I always say I am 'not' going to do it this time. Not go down that road again. Take the one less traveled. But here I am again and you know what, I am not going to apologize. I love my one track creative brain. I love the sweetness and feminity of the pieces I finish. In a house full of all boys can you blame me for wanting something girly??  My love affair continues....another paris grey transformation.  I couldn't find my before picture...if I do I will add it later. It was somewhat of an orangey, scratchy know the type.

I am considering steppin' out with coco this week. Do I dare?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {Armoire-Paris Grey}


After the day I have had I was so excited to go visit a piece I finished about a month ago. I always do my restorations in my garage in full view of the world..and neighbors to see. While finishing up a great armoire I found on craigslist my neighbor stopped by and wanted to see what I was up to. Since I have been needing a desperate makeover in my office/craft room I actually had planned on keeping this girlie for myself. But of course I didn't say that. She decided on the spot that she wanted it. Love that she loved it. It didn't even make it to the booth. I went to visit it today to snap some photos and it is even better than I remember. Sigh. It looks great in her living room. Okay, the next one I am DEFINATELY keeping for myself;)

I didn't have a new piece this week so I decided to do some posts of pieces I have done in the past but have not shared.
 Kinda' nice to have some back up's when life gets crazy!!!


Abilify, Pedicure and Mini-Wheats...what a day

Deep breath. As most of you know I have a gorgeous son, Ryan, who was born with Down Syndrome. He has since developed an array of behavioral disorders such as Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD and ADHD with impulsivity. We took a trek to his pediatrician this morning for his annual check up. Much to my disappointment our well sought after pediatrician seems to have zero tolerance for a child with Ryan's..let's say 'energy'. Bright and early at 8:00 I am standing in the hallway between the bathroom (where my 5 yr old decides it is the perfect time & place to go 'poopie") and the exam room where Ryan is strapped into his stroller awaiting the doctor to come in. Now Ryan doesn't just sit anywhere. He is in there moaning, yelling, banging, pushing his stroller back against the name it. Well as I am awaiting Sean to finish up. The doc looks at me and says..'Can you please corral your children...I need to get started.". Now needless to say I was speechless..and being a girl from Jersey that is saying a lot!! When I finally gathered my thoughts enough to respond I was furious. I said..'Coral my Children??" Which one? The one strapped in the stroller or the one going to the bathroom?? She then proceeded to walk into the exam room and sit down. Ryan was still going a mile a minute with his yelling, moaning,and repetitive "momma, momma. momma, momma'. At this point she put her hands on her head and said "I can't stand it", "How do you handle this?" She said, "I have 15 minutes for this appointment and with all of this going on I can't even think". DID SHE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?????? I said, "What would you like me to do? You are not being understanding of my situation AT ALL!!".  I was so close to crying, screaming, beating name it. I just sat there while she did her exam. She wants to put him on Abilify for his behavior issues. Okay, sounds great to me. He has been like this for over 3 years and she finally is giving us something. I guess him pushing us to the edge every day wasn't enough for her, looks like he had to give her a little shove. She did apologize, kinda'. "Give me a poor thing...I don't know how you do it".  Well take a look at this face. That's how I do it.

We have been with her for over 5 years. Do I want to start at the beginning with a new doc or just chalk this appt up to God allowing it to happen so she would actually know what we go through everyday?!? Of course, there is no excuse for her behavior but she is the last thing I need to be worrying about right now. I may ask to switch to her partner, he seems so nice. I need nice right about now. After the appointment I dropped the kids off at school, got a pedicure and then went home and ate two bowls of cereal...frosted mini-wheats. There is nothing that a great bowl of cereal can't fix...(that addiction for another post:)