Thursday, February 9, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {Burlap Hutch-Old White}

I have been so excited to start this hutch. I promised myself I would keep it for myself and although I don't have room for it in my current house I am taking it to the next best place, my booth!  I will be able to visit it whenever I want and when we get our 'forever' house it will be brought home to live with us. Sometimes I feel like I want to move into my booth anyway. It is decorated just how I want, immaculately clean, no dirty dishes and so, so peaceful. For now it will be used as a display for all of my mason soap dispenser that I sell. My husband doesn't understand how I can be attached to a piece of furniture. He thinks I should sell everything that I do, I have a tough time selling any of it.



I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White, lightly distressed and then some clear wax. The burlap was super easy to put on. I took the back of the hutch off..and when I say "I", I mean my hubby:) I then measured the burlap, ironed and then used my glue gun to attach it. From there all I had to do was get some small carpentar nails and hammer it back on.  Easy Breezy!

Linking up to some parties, which ones you ask?  New to this so I have to go find some:). Oh wait, of course MMS!




  1. I love these projects and want to try one of my own! How much sanding was needed? Great job with the burlap! ~CJ

  2. I actually did not sand at all! The beauty of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.