Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Life...

I wanted an area on my blog that gives me the outlet to record all those things in life that deserve the time and effort of remembrance. I don't keep baby books, I purge way to many school projects and recently I have joined the 'dangnamit where is my purse, keys, shoes, mind' team. Our life isn't always easy but I am a firm believer that we must go through all things..the ridiculously impossible and the ridiculously hilarious to mold us into who we are meant to be. Kevin and I have been on an unbelievable journey these past 10 years and we still haven't had the chance to pause (or breathe) much for reflection. It is my goal for these stories to be that pause.

Frenchy Ceramic Tile Coasters

I have seen some tile coasters on etsy and was thinking it would be fun to make some for my sisters for Christmas. Coasters seem to be one of those things that you can never find any that are really 'you'. They are somewhat pricey and I have yet to find a set that would look great in my future, perfectly decorated living room.

I did the obligatory googling of, how to make's, and was off to Home Depot in search of my tiles. I decided on getting 2 styles. The stone tiles with the perfect imperfections and the plain slick ceramic ones..I prefer the latter. I then jumped on over to the graphics fairy and found some super cute images of french chairs, birdcages, vintage keys, etc. I printed those images on to some old gospel hymns I had and voila' frenchy theme squares. It was then onto the simple glue and adhere method. I used modge podge at first to adhere the squares to the tiles then I also covered them with several other coats. There was where it all went wrong. I have seen posts where others have done this and they said all was well with them. Not so much. After applying the coats of modge podge I sealed it with an acrylic sealer. I then proceeded to try to see if it could hold up to a hot go. The mug would always stick to the coaster. Not a great idea when using breakable tiles. I finally just decided to adhere the image squares with the modge podge but not use it as top coats. Instead I used the spray acrylic sealer as the last step. Perfect. I did 4 sets and 2 have sold already (music sheet and frenchy chairs) so here are some shots of the others I did. These make great, easy gifts at about $.25 each!

Craft Room Ideas..

Here is a shot of a nice clean organized office...LOVE!  I will be blogging my office/craft room redo in the hopes of keeping me on task! In order to accomodate our unique family situation we recently downsized to a house half the size of our previous one. I don't have a true dedicated office but instead was granted a very spacious den as my work area..sooo excited..(amazing hubby). I even have a fireplace to work with!  I can't wait to see if I am able to use my new found creativity (with help from amazing blogs) on what is virtually a blank slate. For the most part I know what pieces and style I want I just need to see if I can pull off making it look cohesive without breaking the bank. I will be posting pictures of the 'before', mess and all. Here I go!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What an experience!

                         This piece is part of a set I picked up at CCA. It was a very dated yellow
                                                              (before pic below..yay!)
                            It has amazing detail and I just love the handles. I once again decided on
                                                graphite and old white as my scheme of choice.


                         I ran into quite the dilemma when I tried to paint the cabinet hinges...
                                                        yeah, I know, rookie mistake.                          
                      Since you can only get hinges like this by special order..mucho money.
             I had to find a way to make the ones I had work.  Sounds like an idea emergency!!
                (sorry..100 times ~ I will not quote Imagination Movers on my grown-up blog;).
                                      Brass Darkening Solution is the really it is!
          I am sure all of you amazing, veteran, do it with your eyes closed, mad skilled gals out there                      have known about this gem forever but for me it was the answer to my DIY prayer!

From boring brass to antique black after just a few hours.

The before

Learned quite a bit with this piece. How to be certain there is something in the back of the drawer to be sure it stops where it is suppose to. To NOT paint moveable parts. To wipe off excess wax immediately or you may have to resand and rewax..not fun! How to change the color of  brass if it doesn't match your piece and lastly, to never, ever get a piece over 7 ft long..per hubby's request.
Sorry Hon;)

First table project...

                                       Here is a picture of my first table and chairs endeavor!
                                          Old White in all its glory with Dark Walnut stain.     

Really, Really wish I had a sprayer. Took me FOREVER to paint these chairs. I love how they turned out but man way too much work. Must seriously consider this as a b-day present

Chippy, Chippy!!

Sorry...I am the worst..AGAIN forgot to take a before pic. I need to stop getting so excited when I have to paint and remember I would like to show the transformation. Trust me they look waaayyy better;)

Will be doing a set for myself very soon, just didn't want to be my own guinea pig.

Duck Egg Desk and Hutch...

           So I was given this desk/hutch combo and I thought it would be the perfect time to try out duck egg and old ochre. There was a little damage to the drawers so I put some pretty paisley paper on them. So fun to do.

 Before..without the hutch

Back to work...

I have not posted in quite awhile. School has started so now there are zero excuses!  I was waiting on my blog to get done but was decided to not get to far behind on posting my completed piece. Finished a small dresser in Graphite and Old White. First project in this color and really like how it turned out.

This one has alreayd sold but I have one about 3 times this size to get to.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sooooo wish I had a little girl..

I found these super sturdy wooden chairs at McKinney Trade days for FIVE bucks each!! I knew right away I had to transform them into something super cute..for the little girl I never had..(don't feel too bad for me my crazy boys more than make up for it..:)  I thought a girly french theme with Annie Sloan old white distressed through to the real wood would look good. Not too bad. I also have a table that I will do in graphite and old white to match. Hopefully I will get them done  in the next couple of days and put them in my booth at Frisco Mercantile.

Crystal dyed fun to make!

I saw this idea on ebay..ton of people selling french themed tags. I dyed plain manila tags in water mixed with walnut ink crystals then used clear chandelier stamps. I am going to try a bunch of different designs but love these! Perfect for gifts, gift bags or just to add a vintage touch around your house. I also staged the night stand with a great metal vase/bucket I found at the Junk Market this weekend. I think I will be decorating the buckets with some cool picture. I never have used vinyl adhesive so I just may try this. Guess I better go play with the kiddos..poor things;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Annie Sloan project.

Here is a finished night stand done in Paris Grey, Old White and finished with clear & dark waxes. Love the way the combo really antiques the piece.

Blog still under construction..

As I mentioned last week I am still in the process of figuring out my way through the blog world. I will be adding a ton of links, info about me and my family and of course projects, projects, projects. I hope you follow me to see what crazy trouble I find myself getting in to.  Thx!

Favorite weekend finds!

For vintage junk lovers in the Dallas area the third weekend of the month is the time to tie up the sneaks, fill up the water bottles and apply the sunscreen-(I am a red-head after all).  The Old Red Lumberyard Junk Market and McKinney Trade Days provide me with hours of treasure hunting. It is agreed in my house that the third weekend is "my" weekend. I don't have to check in, be home for dinner or even before the street lights come on. I am a women with a mission! Here are some of my favorite finds from this past weekend. The panel has already been made into a chalkboard. The wardrobe was found on craigslist for $50!! Craigslist is a whole other obsession for a whole other post!  I love the vintage metal tray trim & will probably do a message board or something. The rectangle window panel will be transformed into a new sign for my booth at Frisco Mercantile.

skyblupink creations...

So I have decided the little business needed a new name. I am not just doing kids stuff anymore and wanted a name that personalized my love for creating gems out of junk. There is nothing I love more than finding an amazing item at an even more amazing price. These passions were passed down from my Grams who whenever saw a sunset would say, "ooohhhh look Franny, sky blue pink..isn't it beautiful?" Yes, Grams truly beautiful.

Friday, June 17, 2011

First Chalk Paint Project!

Okay, so I have had the chalk paint for awhile and have done a few things here and there but nothing that I am putting in my booth to sell. Here is a nightstand done in Paris Grey and Old White. I haven't waxed or distressed yet. I am going to Ms. Butterbug's class tomorrow and will learn all the tricks of the trade there. Loving this color scheme.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Decorated Board

Okay, so my sister said she liked the board but how would you be able to display stuff?? She didn't realize the little black things were mini craft clothespins. This pic is for her;)

Might have to keep this for myself!

First of all...I am still trying to figure out this whole blog template! I am working with and can't seem to get everything to align correctly. My life is a work in progress;0).

Before & After....btw...CCA in The Colony is having 50-75% off all frames..this beaut cost me $1.25. Woo-Hoo!

Moving is a toile memo board covered with chicken wire. I saw this idea on a couple of my favorite blogs and thought I would give it a go. I really liked the way it turned out and think I may just keep it for myself! I am going to do few more in kid themes, softball, peace signs, etc. Look for them this weekend at Frisco Mercantile, booth #808 (in the back).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vintage Fun!

I decided to go in a completely different direction with the toy chest. So glad I did! Ryan's first 'big boy' room was my inspiration...vintage sports. I also found a baseball themed shelf at CCCA and decided to finish that with my extra images. Can't decide if the chest needs something on the front or header ( I can never leave well enough alone;). The vintage smoky blue color I used was also perfect for the cutest rocking horse I found at a garage sale for $3..Giddy Up!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back from vacation!!

Back from vacation & back to work! Painting a great kids craft toy chest this week. Annie Sloan's 'Emperors Silk' and  'Old White' paints are my choice for a little boys vintage inspired toy box. So excited to see how it turns out!! I have found some great pics of vintage toys and will decoupage the top of the chest with them. Will post the pic when done...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Newest arrivals!!

We searched high and low for items you and your child will BOTH love...we know we do!! 

* Forever capture your childs creative side with their own personal writing and artist journals!!
* Share Josie Bissett's love for laughter with her famous Tickle Monster Book Set.
* Teach the importance of gratitude with thank-you card kits in 3 different fun themes!
* Looking for the perfect vintage high-chair?  Super shabby, rose pink with Paris grey polka-dots. Doesn't get any cuter!!
* Our gem adorned cupcake stands are French Country with a whole lot of flare...can't have the perfect girly, girl party without them!
* Chandelier night lights in 4 different colors (pink,soft green,baby blue and clear).  Perfect for your little princess!

Staying Busy!

Well we are a week in to our new booth and have been really busy with  new orders and new projects we are trying to juggle! Please remember our booth is in the back of Frisco Mercantile. We are really looking forward to getting a great spot after the expansion is complete sometime this summer!

We are so excited to have an Annie Sloan paint distributor in McKinney now! Lady Butterbug has just started carrying the best furniture paint EVER. We will be taking her first available class in order to become antiquing, distressing, refurbishing experts! Could not come soon enough since my storage room of garage sale/craigslist/Salvation Army finds are really piling up.  We will post before and after pics - for better or worse!

Slideshow of some of our great products!

Picture of our sign at our first Frisco Mercantile Booth!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

freckle face kids

Some of our award winning products!

The Innobaby line has received a ton of awards and praises! 2010 Top Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine and 2010 Seal of Excellence Award just to name a few. You won't know how you lived without it!

The Curious Chef!! An amazing line for your culinary cuties! Named '2010 Product of the Year' by Creative Child magazine also won the "Top Fun' Award by the Tillywig Toy award committee. Top products include 16 piece Cupcake and Decorating and Pizza Kits!!

The Piggy Story Line! You and your little one will love these on-the-go products such as the Chalk & Doodle and Fun Time Table Mat-one side is a chalk pad and the other is a placemat!

Just a few of the amazing kid products we have!!

Freckle Face Kids now open at Frisco Mercantile!

We are so excited to have our first booth open at Frisco Mercantile this past week. Please stop by booth #808 (in the back left corner) and see all of our great finds for babies, teens and those in between! We will be adding regular updates to keep you informed of some of the great things to come!

Please like us on Facebook-freckle face kids and go to Frisco Mercantiles website and Facebook page to see what great sales and events they have coming up!!/pages/Frisco-TX/Freckle-Face-Kids/111191062298073?closeTheater=1!/friscomercantile