Monday, December 19, 2011

Frenchy Ceramic Tile Coasters

I have seen some tile coasters on etsy and was thinking it would be fun to make some for my sisters for Christmas. Coasters seem to be one of those things that you can never find any that are really 'you'. They are somewhat pricey and I have yet to find a set that would look great in my future, perfectly decorated living room.

I did the obligatory googling of, how to make's, and was off to Home Depot in search of my tiles. I decided on getting 2 styles. The stone tiles with the perfect imperfections and the plain slick ceramic ones..I prefer the latter. I then jumped on over to the graphics fairy and found some super cute images of french chairs, birdcages, vintage keys, etc. I printed those images on to some old gospel hymns I had and voila' frenchy theme squares. It was then onto the simple glue and adhere method. I used modge podge at first to adhere the squares to the tiles then I also covered them with several other coats. There was where it all went wrong. I have seen posts where others have done this and they said all was well with them. Not so much. After applying the coats of modge podge I sealed it with an acrylic sealer. I then proceeded to try to see if it could hold up to a hot go. The mug would always stick to the coaster. Not a great idea when using breakable tiles. I finally just decided to adhere the image squares with the modge podge but not use it as top coats. Instead I used the spray acrylic sealer as the last step. Perfect. I did 4 sets and 2 have sold already (music sheet and frenchy chairs) so here are some shots of the others I did. These make great, easy gifts at about $.25 each!


  1. Hello Francine! Im a new follower and Im a newbie blogger as well. Come visit me, PS That was an awesome tip for the brass!