Sunday, August 28, 2011

What an experience!

                         This piece is part of a set I picked up at CCA. It was a very dated yellow
                                                              (before pic below..yay!)
                            It has amazing detail and I just love the handles. I once again decided on
                                                graphite and old white as my scheme of choice.


                         I ran into quite the dilemma when I tried to paint the cabinet hinges...
                                                        yeah, I know, rookie mistake.                          
                      Since you can only get hinges like this by special order..mucho money.
             I had to find a way to make the ones I had work.  Sounds like an idea emergency!!
                (sorry..100 times ~ I will not quote Imagination Movers on my grown-up blog;).
                                      Brass Darkening Solution is the really it is!
          I am sure all of you amazing, veteran, do it with your eyes closed, mad skilled gals out there                      have known about this gem forever but for me it was the answer to my DIY prayer!

From boring brass to antique black after just a few hours.

The before

Learned quite a bit with this piece. How to be certain there is something in the back of the drawer to be sure it stops where it is suppose to. To NOT paint moveable parts. To wipe off excess wax immediately or you may have to resand and rewax..not fun! How to change the color of  brass if it doesn't match your piece and lastly, to never, ever get a piece over 7 ft long..per hubby's request.
Sorry Hon;)

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  1. I know I'm commenting on an older post, but where did you buy the brass darkening solution? TIA