Thursday, February 2, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {Armoire-Paris Grey}


After the day I have had I was so excited to go visit a piece I finished about a month ago. I always do my restorations in my garage in full view of the world..and neighbors to see. While finishing up a great armoire I found on craigslist my neighbor stopped by and wanted to see what I was up to. Since I have been needing a desperate makeover in my office/craft room I actually had planned on keeping this girlie for myself. But of course I didn't say that. She decided on the spot that she wanted it. Love that she loved it. It didn't even make it to the booth. I went to visit it today to snap some photos and it is even better than I remember. Sigh. It looks great in her living room. Okay, the next one I am DEFINATELY keeping for myself;)

I didn't have a new piece this week so I decided to do some posts of pieces I have done in the past but have not shared.
 Kinda' nice to have some back up's when life gets crazy!!!



  1. Such a pretty piece, I work in my garage too and have the same neighbor issue.. it's great! I think I would have had to tell my neighbor sorry, this is for me ;) How did you do the center panels? It looks like you painted the cross hatch pieces individually...? Also, I liked the piece without the panels too... Because I love seeing tose internal drawers! - Susan

  2. Love it! I like the stuff in your booth, too... is that Frisco, TX? I'm just a hop and skip away in Waco - about to open my own store!! It's addictive, isn't it??

  3. Stopping by from the DIY Project Parade!