Monday, May 7, 2012

It's been awhile...

It seems like I haven't posted in forever. The last month has been full of quite the distractions..good and bad. First the bad, while sanding the edges of a table I hurt my back. Well I shouldn't say I 'hurt' more like irritated a back that has put me through the ringer most of my life.  Most don't know of my back struggles and I won't bore you with the details. Generally, I was born with scoliosis, had reconstructive spinal surgery in 2003, pain got worse, found out in 2010 that it never fused. This latest incident has forced me to have the revision surgery and has limited any extensive furniture projects until the fall. My doc has started me on a nerve pain med and a muscle relaxer that seems to get me through the day without wanting to cry. I have been able to paint some but in short spurts and luckily have friends that are willing to step in and help out some. The surgery is scheduled for July 5th. Can't wait to get it over with and on with life..hopefully with a lot less pain!

Another sucker punch was given to me by my computer..or hard drive to be more specific. It just died. No warning, no goodbyes..just flat out flat lined. Never good when you turn on your laptop and there is nothing but a black screen and blue letters that look like they are from the early years of DOS. Even the geek squad couldn't save it. All of my pics and files since August are lost in the black hole of cyber space. So stinkin' sad. I know, I know. We should have been backing things up and you are right. Just allow me to be your example and BACK UP PEOPLE!! The geeks said they could send it off to their 'team' and see if it can be saved. It would be somewhere between $500-$1000!!  

The Good. Love my new Mac computer. Still a learning curve but man is it fast! 

The Good. Had an amazing time in Austin with a bunch of friends. We went for a 3 day weekend to the Country Living Fair and had an absolute blast. Please don't ask for pictures since I had just downloaded them onto my computer the night before the crash. I had sooooo many blog posts planned (misty eyes).

The Good. The meds the docs have me on will allow me to still attend the Haven Conference in June. I am so excited! I can't wait to meet all of my blog friends and find out how to step up this blog of mine. Since I will be laid out most of the summer I think it will be the perfect time to concentrate on the writing aspect of it. Can't wait to share the party with you!

Up until surgery time I will be focusing on some projects around the house, hanging out with the kiddos, getting this out of shape bod ready for surgery and preparing for Haven.  

I guess God has a way of telling us to slow down, take care of yourself, your house and your kiddos. He sure isn't subtle about it either. I guess he knows the stubborn ones.


  1. So great that you can focus on the positive things! Best of luck with your back surgery!

  2. Hope u get to feeling better soon.