Monday, June 4, 2012

Teacher's Appreciation Gift {Mason Jar Vase}

It is 3:45 in the am and I am wide awake..yay. Since my surgeon has changed my pain medication my sleep schedule is completely out of whack. The new meds are making me soooooo sleepy and I struggle to stay awake during the day...which in turn makes me awake some during the night. Ugghh. I am trying to do some projects here and there but man I am like a walking zombie!  Countdown to surgery is 6 weeks! Extremely anxious to get off all these meds and see what the real me feels like! 

Schools out and now a whole new level of intensity ramps up on the home front. Ryan is, to say the least, energetic and since Sean has turned 5 he is right there with him. For someone who has a tough time staying awake during the day this should be interesting:) Routine and repition is extremely important for Ryan and it will be a challenge to, even remotely, keep up with what his amazing teachers have been doing the whole year. He loves school so much and Ms. Duncan, Ms. Cotton and Ms. Moore are the reasons why! I was trying to think of something super cute to give them for Teacher's Appreciation Week when my friend, Melissa, asked me if she could buy a large mason jar soap dispenser from me. She was going to do a 'spa in a jar' theme that she saw on pinterest. I really liked the jar idea but decided to go in a little bit of a different direction. I sell tons of mason jars in my booth at Frisco Mercantile and also have the flower frog lids that are great when looking for a unique vase. So I decided to fill up the jar with just a bunch of little stuff that I thought they would love...just happens that it was stuff I love too...go figure! 

       I added pretty purple flowers and yummy Godiva Chocolate/Strawberry lollipops

Just a few gifts for them, mentos, gum, chalk pen, starbucks gift card, chocolate covered graham crackers and a Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake book mark.

I can't thing of any group of gals that deserve a cupcake more than them!!

                          I bought the small chalkboards and pretty magnets from
                                           Funky Junk at Frisco Mercantile.

Cute pic of the final project!

Ryan will miss his teachers so much over the summer but man do they deserve the break!!!

                                 What did you do for the teachers in your life??




  1. wow, that is so beautiful and so creative. i love how you put all the items inside and the flowers and the chalkboard tag. omg, you are so creative! thank you for sharing.

  2. Those teacher gifts are adorable. I'll have to remember this for next year!