Monday, March 26, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {Farmhouse Table}

I love doing little table & chair sets. For the most part they are really easy and fast. They are in high demand in my booth and don't stick around for very long. I am quite boring with my style though. I tend to do the same thing over and over. Old white, walnut stain & burlap.

 I do have to admit I kinda' have a love/hate relationship with the whole thing though! I LOVE doing the tables, and absolutely HATE doing chairs!! Painting every nook, spindle and leg really numbs my brain (and hands) that I usually don't even do them. I usually stick the table in my booth and let the buyer fend for themselves when it comes to chairs. Sorry, just hate them that much. 

 I decided this weekend that I am going to change my 'attitude' and find a way to make friends with the whole chair make-over thingy. I went to home depot and spent $89.00 on a Graco Hand Sprayer..yes, I finally did it. So much for my vintagy, hand painted finish.  Maybe I could just spray the first coat and then use the brush on the second/third?? Am I a cop-out? I feel like one. I haven't given it a go as of yet but I have about 6 gorgeous cane back chairs just waiting for me to give them the once over with my new toy!

 I will have to let you know how it works with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. I sure don't want to waste any precious paint but I feel like what I can make up in precious time will be well worth it!!  I guess I forgot to take a before pic of the table but I am sure you can imagine the same orangy wood we all know and love.

                                                         Chair Before

Shot of the set in my booth @ Frisco Mercantile



Burlap Chair

Cute vintage scale and rusty using old vessels as vases.

It is going to be an amazing week here in North Texas and I am hoping to hit Canton (1st Monday Trade Days) on Thursday. Since I haven't been in a few months I have a pretty long list of 'stuff' that I need. Hopefully I can drag somebody with me, not as much fun junkin' by yourself!

 Hope you have a great week!!

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  1. Love the burlap and distressed look! It's a great neutral and good texture!

  2. Beautiful, just my style. I would love for you to come share this at my linky party, Cowgirl Up! going on right now! The girls over there will go nuts for this!

  3. Beautiful job! Love those chairs and the distressed look! Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  4. What a transformation! I love the burlap with the white paint:) It looks wonderful.
    Mindy @ The Blooming Daisy

  5. What a great transformation! I love the burlap covered seats. They would look great in my home. Stopping by from DIY by Design.

  6. Beautiful!! Wouldn't the burlap be itchy though? That's the only reason I haven't covered my kitchen chairs that way!

  7. what a difference and what an awesome update! SO much better!

  8. Adorable! The end result makes it totally worth those chairs!I would love for you to stop by my blog and link up to my Creative Inspirations party happening now! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  9. Your table and chairs are fabulous--I love that the table top is natural wood with the painted frame/legs and chairs to match--so pretty in your room. I'm declaring right now to find an old scale--love that color!

  10. I would love to know how ASCP holds up in a paint sprayer. They look great!

  11. Beautiful table and love the burlap seats!! New follower! Hope you'll visit us at too!

  12. I feel the same way towards chairs! I need to redo ours. I love your results!

  13. Cream'ified loveliness and burlap... loving! I'm featuring your project in the PoPP Spotlight this weekend. Thanks for linking up.

  14. I think the set looks terrific, Francine. And...if it works, don't fix it - as the saying goes. Your combo is a winner, so I say go with what works. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you this week, as well.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage